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Guide : Download Subway Surfers For PC/Laptop For Windows 7/8

Subway Surfers is one of the best android games and the one which even beated Temple run in downloads and popularity.You can easily download Subway Surfers on pc with our tutorial.This is a one time tutorial and you need not to work hard or waste too much time for this.Subway Surfers is an android based game which is now available for most of the Smartphone Os.Subway Surfers is available for Android,IOS and now coming to Windows Phone as well and with this awesome tutorial you can download Subway Surfers For Pc easily.Subway Surfers is available for all of the mobile OS officially but they haven’t released it yet for Pc.So we have come with this awesome tutorial on how to download Subway Surfers On pc.

Download Subway Surfers For PC

Subway Surfers For PC : Rating 8.9/10

Subway Surfers Game Features 

  • Dress Up In New Outfits
  • Get Regular Updates
  • Find Hidden Treasures and Dolls
  • Cool Jetpacks and Hoverboards.
  • Male and Female Players
  • Simple yet dynamic gameplay.
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Download Subway Surfers For PC Guide

  • First you need to download Bluestacks App Player and then install it on your pc.You can choose between the Windows  and Mac version.
  • Now Search for Subway Surfers
  • Click on Install .. Done 

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Gameplay Video on PC [Subway Surfers]

Gameplay Video on Mobile [Subway Surfers]

So this was a simple tutorial on how to download Subway Surfers for pc and how to play it.Hope you enjoy this game and keep using our tutorials to download android apps on pc.Don’t forget to share if you really liked this tutorial.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Happy Holi 2015 Whatsapp Status Images DP Messages/SMS [Colour]

Here we are telling you short story on Holi. Prahlad son of Hiranyakashyap (the king of demons) was the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap wants to kill his son so that’s why he calls her sister name as Holika. She had a powerd to save the wearer from burning in fire. Hiranyakashyap said her sister to sit on burning fire because he knew that Holika will not burn but Prahlad would be burnt. But the result was shocking & opposite Holika was burnt but Prahlad came out of the fire safely. By this we learn that no one can harm the person who has God as his saviour. The next day is celebrated with joyful colours to mark the victory of virtue and goodness over evil.

Happy Holi 2015

Happy Holi 2015

Holi is one of the biggest festival after Diwali. When Holi is in 2015? this year Holi will celebrate on 6th March 2015. Holi festival comes at the time of Spring season. Holi celebrated by Hindus & Sikhs in India, Srilanka, Nepal as well as so many countries. Holi day is also known as Dolyatra day. 

Holika Dahan SMS 2015

Holi the Festival of Colors is near to come. Holika Dahan is the day before Holi day and also known as Choti Holi. This year we are going to celebrate Holika Dahan on 6 March 2015. So are you going to enjoy this festival by buring holika in night. If you are searching some lovely english, hindi sms on Holika Dahan so you are in right place we have here latest collection of all SMS select any from below.

On this day we enjoy a lot. Holika Dahan are the beset way to wish your friends Happy Choti Holi. We celebrate Holika Dahan before Dhulandi. We celebrate Choti Holi by burning Holika late night. Here below we are sharing some Images, Pictures on Holika Dahan select any from below & share it with your friends on social networking sites.

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

[FB Login] Login|Singup New Account Facebook [Guide]

You are new members and you don’t know how to create an account on Facebook??? Don’t worry, I will introduce to you the steps to create a Facebook account.Before we start, there are some notice that you should Be secure please do not share your's account information to any other one Don’t automatically remember ID and password in public Ensure that you access the right link: because there are many fake website created in order to steal your private information.

These are main steps to create and Facebook Account

 As you can see on the picture above, you need to fill all the blank with your information
  • Filling all the blank of the form with your information.
  • Typing enough security code: 
You type all the code in the box as done in the imagine above. After finishing typing, you click “Sign Up”
  • Finding friends on Facebook via you email, yahoo, Skype.
One of the most interesting features of Facebook is that it can help you find your friends via your email. By typing your email address and its password (some common email such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail…), Facebook will send the invitation to all of your friends which their name are included in the contact automatically. By that way, it can invite them to contact you on Facebook login.
  • Fill out your profile information:
This step is easy but very important. Filling the blank with the information like your old school, your working place… will help you find your friends and colleagues, contact with them easily.
  • Set your profile picture:
Setting your profile picture will help your friends and colleagues recognize you more easily.
  • Finding people you know.
By typing their names, working places or schools, facebook can help you find your friend easily.
  • Activating you account:
And now, you need log on your email and activate the link.

And now, you need log on your email and activate the link.
You have just finished the steps to create a Facebook account.Congratulation !!!!

How To Login Facebook Account 

All you need to do is go to Facebook Login Page or going to
When you go to Facebook Login Page, you will be asked to enter your Email Address and Password.
Enter your Facebook Login details in appropriate areas and click the Login Button or simply hit enter. It will redirect you to your Facebook Account Logged in.

Now you can use your Facebook Account, update status, change your profile picture, change settings, setup mobile with your Facebook Account, Block People, Send Request and watch what your friends are doing at Facebook.

Always keep these few things in mind when you do Facebook Login for safety:

Always check that you’re connected through an HTTPS (Secure) Connection.
Check that URL is to be safe from attacks.
Never Save your password on anyone else’s computer, mobile or laptop.
That’s it!

[Gmail Login] new account Signup Page[Email]

If you want to open up an account with Google and create your very own Gmail sign up, then you’ll be pleased to know that doing so is both free and easy. Opening a Gmail account and owning your own Gmail sign in process involves firstly the need to sign up to create a Google account.

Your Google account will not only give you your very own Gmail sign in option but a whole lot more besides. A Google account will allow you to talk or chat with other Google account holders, share files or links to your website with others, discover new content and learn how to create your own content.

Gmail Login

One password and one username will allow you to access all your emails, photos, videos online at YouTube and access all your personal maps. It is possible once you have your Gmail sign in to access Google Drive, a cloud storage facility that allows one to safely store files, videos, photos, documents and music in a secure and safe drive available to you whenever you need to access it.

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Firstly to get yourself a Gmail sign in username and password, you must create your Google account, you can do so by clicking here. Next you will be asked to choose a username and create your own password. Make sure your password is one that is not easy for hackers to discover yet secure enough for you to remember it.

You will be asked to provide a birth date and gender as well as your current email address. Once you have provided the verification code, which will be displayed at the bottom of the Gmail sign up page, you will receive a link in your current email address that provides your Gmail account the verification process.

Be careful when choosing a username for your Google account as this will also act as your Gmail address. For example, if your username was “” then your Gmail email address would be

Once your Gmail sign up process has been completed, you are ready to start using your Gmail address straight away. Don’t worry about spam as Gmail has excellent spam filters that will recognize trash mail easily and store it into your spam folder.

Gmail also works hand in hand with the social media part of your Google account – a Google+ profile.

How To Login Gmail [After Creating Account]

Once you've created your own Gmail account and provided all of your information for the Google mail system it may not always be so straightforward to get back in and check your e-mail inbox after you have closed your browser. The Gmail sign in process can also take time if you have forgotten your password or it has been a number of months since you accessed that Gmail account. The following article will help to provide you with some tips on how to sign into your Gmail account.
Accessing Gmail is a simple as going to or and then clicking on the Gmail link. From here you can fill in the username and password that you have selected to sign into your Gmail account. By clicking enter you will be brought to your Gmail inbox as long as you can remember your username and password.

If you have forgotten your username and password you can take steps to recover your account by visiting the password recovery page. Usually with the recovery page Gmail will have a variety of recovery options including SMS verification and sending a password reset code to an alternate e-mail. When you sign up for Gmail you will usually have to enter an alternate e-mail in order to create an account. As long as you still have access to an alternate e-mail you should be able to use that alternate e-mail to reset your Gmail password and very quickly get access to your account once again. The SMS verification method is also very easy and will send a special code to your phone that you can use to reset your password and gain access to your account.

Some other issues that you may face when signing into your account could be that your account has been compromised. Gmail is generally of very safe e-mail client to use because users can enter their phone number for a secondary verification. In this case you can reset your password using the SMS verification and very quickly gain access to your account after it has been compromised.

By following these tips you should be able to easily access your Gmail account or recover your Gmail account if it is ever compromised. It is possible to access your Gmail account from anywhere using a mobile phone or on any computer with Internet access directly from the Google website. Gmail will continues to be one of the world’s most popular e-mail accounts and by learning how to use a Gmail account you will be able to access one of the industry-leading standards for an e-mail client.

Gmail New Features 

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Download My Talking Tom Cat For PC Free Download- Windows 8/8.1/7/XP

My Talking Tom application of mobile for users of Android and we can download to PC by using the operating system of Windows. We can download the application with the latest version and we can enjoy all the features. The application is having good features of animation and it is having high quality graphics, especially in HD format. It is also a good entertainment application. It is supported with good sound effects and also we can add more features which could make it connected with all our friends. The animated character is the best Pet where it can make expressions in different style which makes the people more entertained.

Download My Talking Tom Cat For PC

Free Download My Talking Tom Cat For PC Explained How To Guide 

Mainly the application is officially made for use in mobile phones. When we need to download we can do it the PC. We need to have an Android Emulator, which supports the Android application on our PC. Blue Stacks is the most preferred Android Emulator.

Download My Talking Tom Cat For PC

  • First Of All We Need To Download A Emulator A App Play Named Blustatcks App Player .

  • After we have downloaded the Blue Stacks player, we need to search for application My Talking Tom Cat under My Apps tab. Then we will be able to install the application can use in our ways. 

Over To You 

I Hope This Article Helps You To Download My Talking Tom Cat On To Your Computer/PC This Is Very Simple Method To Download It But Still You Having Any Problems Then You Can Drop Comments In Comment Section I'll Find The Best Solution For You ASAP.