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Now you'll get to know some of the best colleges for students who want to enroll themselves in for Computer Application course.


CTIMIT is a very popular institute for IT courses in JALANDAR. This college doesn't only provide B.C.A course of 3 years, but also the Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A) course. So if you're looking forward to do your masters in Computer Applications, then CTIMIT can be the best option for you.


IIMT ENGINEERING College situated in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh also provides B.C.A and M.C.A course. If you're from Uttar Pradesh, then you should definitely try to do Computer Application course that you want to do from this college.


TCE is a very popular college situated in Coimbatore, TAMIL NADU. If you're looking forward to do M.C.A, then this college offers the best type of M.C.A course for you. Even if the course fee is above 2 Lakhs, then too you may love to take admission in this college.

If you're situated in Delhi, then JAMIA HAMDARD UNIVERSITY situated in New Delhi can be the best option for you for doing B.C.A or M.C.A course. It also offer B.Sc course in Information Technology.
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There was a time when Micromax used to dominate the Rs. 10,000-15,000 price segment with devices like Canvas HD. They have been the tough players with all the value for money devices. Now however things have changed a bit. Even the major manufacturers have got nice budget devices that offer excellent value. Devices like Moto G and Asus Zenfone 5 are luring a lot of buyers and the new Micromax Canvas Nitro enters the same segment. It offers a powerful octa core processor and 2 GB of RAM. You get 5 inch HD display and a high resolution camera. It also offers a nice built quality with a soft leather wallet like back. Here we list some of the reasons why you should pick this device over anything else in this segment.

Built quality

Micromax has really come a long way in terms of built quality. The early devices from the manufacturer feel badly built. Now however they have really moved up the ladder and we see a lot of well-built devices from them. The Micromax Canvas Nitro is another device that won’t disappoint in terms of quality. The front face is simple and is dominated by the 5 inch glass. Below that you will find the backlit capacitive keys. You get the power key on right spine of the device and volume control keys on the left. The keys have got very little travel and can be accessed easily holding the device in either hand.
On the back of the device, you would find leather finish material with fake stitching on the edges. We saw something similar first on the Note 3 and this made it look like a premium wallet. This works just as well here. The back of this device is removable so that you can access the battery and card slots. The device feels solidly built overall but the design could have been better to make it more attractive. Otherwise there is nothing to hate about it.

Octa core processor

Who doesn’t love more power? The Micromax Canvas Nitro offers lot of it. While most devices you would pick for this price are going to offer you a quad core processor, this one comes with an octa core processor. It is a Mediatek MT6592 chipset with the maximum processor clock speed being 1.7 GHz. This gives you excellent benchmarks scores that leave devices like Moto G and Asus Zenfone 5 far behind. In fact it trails the Snapdragon 800 devices only by a small margin. It can also play heavily encoded videos without any fuss which would really be a boon for people who watch a lot of videos on their phone. Resource hungry games run without any hiccups although you would not like to play for extended durations because it tends to gain temperature quickly.


While 1 GB of RAM can do the job, having 2 GB gives you an extra edge while multitasking. You can keep minimising applications without worrying about the free memory. Even when you have a game running in background, you will have plenty of free RAM to send that urgent email and switch back. In terms of storage, the device comes with 8 GB of internal storage capacity. This won’t suffice most people so there is the option to add more storage via a micro SD card slot. It can house a memory card of up to 32 GB capacity. Data transfers are through a micro USB 2.0 port like most other devices. It offers the usual set of connectivity options that include Dual SIM support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, HSDPA and A-GPS.

Battery & Camera Resolution

There is another surprise here. The Micromax Canvas Nitro gives you surprisingly good battery life despite the octa core processor. The primary reason here is because it has got a larger battery than most devices in the segment. The Moto G has got a 2070 mAh battery. The Asus Zenfone 5 has similar battery capacity. This one however tries to make up for the power hungry octa core processor by having a 2500 mAh battery. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time away from your office desk or home, you still won’t like to keep the device plugged into charger every now and then, would you? The device can easily play videos for over 15-16 hours and that is really very impressive.
The device has got a 13 megapixel primary camera and a 5 megapixel fixed focus secondary camera. The primary camera is very ordinary though it would still manage to match the cameras on most other devices in this price range. The camera manages to focus and shoot very fast. It offers various other software features in the camera app itself. The high camera resolution would help you with the cropping. However this is not the camera we were willing to mention. It is the front camera which is pretty good for the job it has to handle. Vanity checks and video calls are obviously the primary thing but even if have been bitten by the selfie bug, this camera would do a decent job.


Micromax has worked on the software interface they have provided on the Canvas Nitro. There are a lot of additions that seem to be lifted off the operating systems found on other devices. Like the HTC Blinkfeed, you would find a QuickLook page here. You can choose from a list of topics for the feed and can also add your facebook and twitter accounts to display here. You don’t get to specify the source of feeds though. They have also added the feature of pausing video when user is looking away. This was first seen as ‘Smart Pause’ on Samsung devices. While they have improved the software on this device and added more features, they haven’t got rid of the bloatware. You still have to live with a bunch of trial games and other additions like M! Games and M! Live.

Apple on Tuesday unveiled two new, bigger iPhones, just as all the leaks suggested, including the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. The increase in screen size isn’t the only change coming to the iPhone line, so in what follows you can check out the full set of specs for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 model.

The iPhone 6 will be available in silver, gold and space gray beginning with September 19 in various countries, with on-contract prices starting at $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for the 64GB version and $399 for the 128GB model. Special Apple-made cases for the new model will also be available to buyers, priced at $45 (leather cases) and $35 (silicone cases).

Iphone 6 Full specification infographic INewTechnology
Most of the people nowadays are more addicted to online shopping, mainly because they get good discount offers which are not available in other modes. It starts from electronic goods to jewelry and everything can be brought online with good offers. The online shopping gives good experience and the customers are growing each day. When we shop online, we need to be careful about the safety and also we need to have sufficient amount of knowledge when buying the products. The most important thing when we shop online is that we get cheated without looking what we buy and we will be scammed.

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An important facet of kids' computer usage stains the level of time they drop in front of the showing. A limitation and monitoring of kids' computing time is essential to avoid future addictions, and let's face it, kids demand to play with existent toys, exercise, and so forth.

timekpr is a programme developed to track and monitor the computer usage time of a system's accounts everyday. It allows this limitation to be placed both as a "green " period of the day (setting a time limit of time in which that specific user may employ the system) and/or as an amount of minutes in daytime.

Surfing the mesh requires lots of service and responsibility, even to adults. Kids are rum and have a raw trend to explore, so it is not surprising that they end up visiting grievous or fewer appropriate websites (not only in a content opinion, but also grievous to the system’s security). In order to preclude these sweet of situations, there are various programs available, usually called "parental hold " programs. 

Gnome Nanny will help with maternal sustain in Linux and is probably the well-equipped and user-friendly program usable. Especially addressed to infant sustain, it helps define separate rules interesting different users. It got a tabbed interface shared in "PC utilize time ", "Web browser ", "Mail client " and "Instant messaging".

The 1st feature introduced the same functionality as timekpr, so if you want a comprehensive suite, Nanny is likely improve to fulfill your needs. The sec characteristic is probably the most important, giving the possibility to ground which sites are out and which allowed, either by hand or by downloading lists useable online. As far as the office informs, the newest (and unstable) Nurse variation was released back during 2010, so its development probably ended back. This appropriation is also noted that Nurse workings only with trey browsers, Epiphany, Firefox and Konqueror, so if you use other browser I is recommended that you try Nanny’s effectiveness.

DansGuardian is another useful programme, this one intentional for net content filtering, utilising several methods as phrase matching and URL filtering. It is further more pointed for usable on servers, which lies specially useful for schools, libraries and such. The huge advantage established by DansGuardian in equivalence to other software constitutes the previously mentioned filtering through phrase matching; sometimes pages with tough content do not have addresses revealing such content. DansGuardian runs pages for "bad " words as "hate " or "pornography ", supplying a far most efficient content filtering. 

Finally, WebContentControl is another good of programme, since it is made to, with its GUI, take sustain and help users configure other programs – specifically, DansGuardian, FireHol, and TinyProxy. Besides controlling these apps, it provides an easier track to start/stop filtering, backs up configuration files, only changes what's really needed, and makes SSL filtering.
If you own a business online, then you must follow cognizant of the implication of place ranking. How Google and other hunt engines rank your clear site can have an important effects on the popularity of your business, as well as the revenues you generate. If you're successful to pull the attention of targeted users and bring them to your web situation, then you can enjoy improved search facility ranking, which is deemed to be a driving force to enhance your business chances. Discussed below constitutes the links between traffic generation and office ranking.


The importance of traffic generation can be ignored by online concern owners, if they demand to follow along this militant reality. However, before delving further along this topic this is important to know what traffic actually is.

Traffic, in the online humanity, refers to the series of users who visit your website. There are many paths for evaluating the traffic, such as how much users consider your website, which pages they land on and the margin of time they are dropping there. Analysing this information gives you a clear thought of which segment of users is visiting the website, and which are the things that interest them. You can lowly your future decisions along these entropy to improve your firm prospects. Nevertheless, to reach at the stream point you need in pulling users so that you have information to enter and analyse. 

It should be recalls that increased traffic is not to say or guarantee increased revenue as there are just chances that many users will visit your website and not buy any production or service. This is all right, but if no user visits your web site, then they won't know which sort of productions and servings you are offering. Therefore, it is traffic generation which forms the base of achievement and leads to increased income.

Traffic generation can be done through several forms and you can readily feel a safe SEO Cornwall company which can familiarise you with this conception. Primarily it makes the layout, content and designing of your net site that makes your website appealing; thus up the chances of more users visiting your net location. They can further receive latest news and offers by signing up for the newsletters, as well as follow your company onto the social media situations. When it comes to generating traffic through social media, it gives driven by users who represent influenced by the things liked by their associates and end up checking them out themselves. It is the first crowd that heightens the effects of social media promoting and word of mouth, thus making opportunities to guarantee better traffic generation. 

In the end it may conclude that traffic generation is fundamental for any business sounding for unprecedented development and a better site ranking. The initial step is to hire a renowned and experienced SEO Cornwall business, which can follow up with effective traffic generation strategies as per your enterprise requirements. By up trafficking and attracting more users, you get a chance definitely enhance your likelihood of generating better revenue.