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We all are familiar with most popular search engine i.e. Google and the services provided by it. Here we are going to talk about one of the services provided by the Google i.e. Gmail.

The idea of gmail was given by Rajen Sheth during an interview with Google and it’s developed by Paul Buchheit several years before announcing to the public.This project was known by a code name Caribou.Initially gmail was announced in the public by Google on April 1, 2004 and it becomes fully available to public by February 7, 2007. Till June 22, 2005 In spite of this it is a free-of-cost service provided by the google. Users can access this as a secure webmail. Login & Sign Up [Gmail] Key Features:-

  1. Storage-Initially at the time of invention, the storage capacity was 1GB after sometimes it becomes 2GB and after sometimes during the launch of Google Drive its capacity was increased by 7.5 to 10GB. But now, users can by additional storage by monthly subscription plan because as of 2015 are providing with the storage capacity of 15GB and paid plans extend it up to 30TB for personal use.
  2. Gmail Labs-Here users can test the new experimental features like bookmark or custom keyboard shortcuts.
  3. Tabbed inbox-Here you can categorize your emails.You are provided with five tabs like:
  4. These tabs also appear in a mobile version.
  5. Spam filter-In this user can marked the mail as spam according to which Google Inc. claims that the mail received by you is never read by the others instead of an account holder.
  6. Gmail Mobile-This free service is available in more than 40 languages in mobile.Through this, you can access the service faster.
  7. Social Network Integration-With Google’s new social networking tool ‘Google Buzz’ you can share links and media as well as status updates.But now this features is replaced by Google+.
  8. Google voice in Gmail Chat-Through these users are allowed to call U.S, Canada, and few other countries. 
  9. Gmail Search-In Gmail there is a search bar at the top where you can search your particular mail.
  10. Money transfer and payment options-As of May, 2013 Google announced a feature according to which Gmail users can send money as attachments via Google Wallet.
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Sign Up

  • By following Sign up Page first open Google Account 
  • After this a page will be open in which you have filled some information against some fields like name (first and last), choose your username, create a password (password should be strong and secure), etc.for example check Screenshot Below Sign up

  • After filling relevant details click on I agree and then next step.
  • Now your Gmail id [Email ID] is successfully made. login [Gmail Login] :-

  • If you want to login to gmail then just go to
  • Now you will find two blank boxes in which you have to enter your registered email id and password that you created.

  • Just fill that and click on enter and you are successfully login

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